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EDS presents Vee Slinky

Added on: 2017-12-23

My inner goddess-discovery journey started back in 2005 when I fell in love with pole dancing. I have plenty of experience and I'm so excited to share it. Stripping no matter the myths you've heard is incredibly empowering and I'm passionate about teaching how to master the art of it! Not long after I left strip clubs I was feeling like there's something missing. I was missing being in touch with my body, feeling empowered while performing and expressing my feminine energy through a seductive dance. So I started professionally to teach pole dancing focused on exotic flow moves and choreography. I want to teach you how to practice body awareness, self-love and get empowered. I hold a choreography degree and I have 25 years of dancing experience. I am also a pilates instructor and currently taking yoga instructor course. I've been teaching pole dancing for 10 years and developed my own outstanding ways of teaching. Pole dancing is very personal and helped me find myself! My mission is to pass on my stripper wisdom! Video by the talented Cory Mann

Level: Pole Dancing
Type: Mixed Ability
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